How to Handle Peer Pressure for Kids

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At this age, research suggests, group dynamics begin to form among children, and some may be excluded from the larger group. Children may begin to worry about balancing a sense of loyalty to their friends with compassion and fairness to others. With so many truly amazing online therapy options for teens, choosing one can be difficult. Supporting and listening to your teen is crucial for a successful therapy experience. If they pressure you to do shots with them at the bar when you aren’t drinking, for example, you might suggest that you both hit the dance floor instead. Or maybe, you make a plan to go on a hike or to the movies the next time you hang out.

how to deal with peer pressure

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  • “I was being peer pressured to be mean to one of my friends… I knew it wasn’t right and I felt awful that I was doing this to one of my closest friends.”
  • Peer pressure to use alcohol and drugs can contribute to substance use disorders, potentially leading to addiction.
  • The popularity of meditation is increasing as more people discover its many health benefits.
  • We explain how peer pressure works, why it has the potential to lead to substance use disorders, and how people can resist peer pressure to use recreational drugs.
  • However, a lot of social science research focuses on children and teens, who may seek the approval of peers as they move toward independence from their families.
  • A meta-analysis of 22 studies on this form of meditation demonstrated its ability to increase peoples’ compassion toward themselves and others (30).
  • For example, when you notice that your friends are wearing expensive designer clothes, you also feel the urge to buy and wear such clothes.

Parenting and social learning theory have also been offered as possible explanations. Another study in 50 college students showed that practicing metta meditation 3 times per week improved positive emotions, interpersonal interactions, and understanding of others after 4 weeks (32). Resisting peer pressure may feel challenging, but people who truly care about their friends do not reject them solely because they do not use drugs or alcohol. Being subject to peer rejection can be very painful, and a person who feels unable to tolerate rejection may find it very difficult to resist using drugs and alcohol if their peers do so. For this reason, it is important to find peers who either do not use drugs or alcohol or accept those who do not.

how to deal with peer pressure

Positive Peer Pressure

That’s why learning how to overcome its impact on you is essential for navigating life with confidence and authenticity. Identify the people in your life who are accessible and safe to talk to in case you are faced with a dilemma. If something feels dangerous or inappropriate, then it probably is, even if your friends don’t feel the same way. This type of judgment is part of your growth, becoming self-sufficient and learning more about yourself. If a situation seems unsafe, don’t think twice about reaching out to a trustworthy authoritative figure.

Positive peer influence

how to deal with peer pressure

By seeing someone else do something positive, even if it’s challenging, you may reflect on your own life choices, goals, and where you spend your time. Indirect peer pressure is the least invasive of the lot and can be either spoken or unspoken. It influences an individual by validating an activity or behaviour although they may not be the specific person another individual or the group is trying to convince directly. Rather, they are indirectly exposed to how others talk or respond to the said activity or behaviour, and feel the need to conform thereafter. Direct peer pressure can be either spoken or unspoken and is typically based on behaviours. An individual finds themselves having to make a decision on the spot, based on what has been presented to them.

The History and Philosophy of Leading Quality

  • Even if you and your child have a close relationship, you might start to notice them drawing back from you and turning to their friends for advice and support as they mature.
  • Thinking about it ahead of time helps you be ready to do what’s right.
  • Have a plan in mind to use if you ever find yourself in a position or situation that feels improper or uncomfortable.

It’s similar with sex and “hooking up”—most students have a skewed idea of what others are doing. Knowing the facts can help you to resist pressures based on the idea that “everyone is doing it” and that you must party to fit in. The most common type of negative pressure is how to deal with peer pressure risk-taking behaviors like drug use. Asking a teenager to engage in behavior that goes against his or her moral code or family values is a type of negative pressure. Even if you work hard to fight it, you may find yourself giving in to pressure from friends or classmates.

  • Studies have shown that adolescents are especially affected by peer pressure.
  • Know that if you are not comfortable explaining, the word “no” alone is a full sentence.
  • Meditation can also improve physical health by reducing strain on the heart.
  • The dynamics of a peer group can be a positive influence and assist in establishing healthy and wholesome behaviors that are age-appropriate and socially accepted.
  • Many people consider peer pressure a negative thing, but this isn’t always the case.
  • When you ask for an alternative that shows you are still interested in spending time with them but on terms that feel right for you.

Encourage Your Child to Have Friends Over

There are lots of situations where you might feel pressured to join in, even when you don’t want to

Handling the Effects of Peer Pressure



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