Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Services

Refresh Your Carpet and Upholstery with Expert Cleaning

Routine cleaning of your carpet and upholstery is not enough. Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service is the best option for maintaining the look. 

Expert Cleaning Services is an expert when it comes to upholstery and carpet cleaning services. We clean leather upholstery with stains every week. If you like to get your carpet cleaned at the same time, we can do that for you too.

Most people are aware of the fact that carpet has to be cleaned by professionals. However, they do not give too much importance to the requirement of specialized carpet cleaning. Dirt, dust, pollen and other allergens accumulate within the upholstery and carpet over time creating an unhealthy environment. The lifespan of the upholstery and carpet also decreases.

Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning Services

We offer high-quality upholstery cleaning solutions. Refreshing your furniture upholstery, we can give it a clean look. Simple cleaning of the furniture brings back its appearance from 10 years ago. Our trained professionals have years of experience working with different types of furniture upholstery. We never treat leather in the same way we treat linen or suede. We choose a customised cleaning method depending on the furniture type and its age.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Our qualified and certified carpet cleaners take pride in their services. We use advanced cleaning techniques. Insured professionals have the training to work with specialised equipment and ensure the safety of the carpet.

If the carpet is heavily polluted and deeply embedded in stain, we like to recommend you a hot water extraction method or steam cleaning method. Generally, carpet placed in the high traffic area collects dirt, dust and other allergens quickly. Using the steam cleaning machine, you can clean it thoroughly. First, we pre-treat and then use a steam cleaning machine to rinse the carpet. We extract moisture from the carpet in addition to the soil. To dry the carpet, you need to give it a minimum of four hours. However, we use a dry carpet cleaning technique for less polluted carpets.



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