Sanitisation & Disinfection

Specialist in Sanitisation and Disinfection Services

Expert Cleaning Services offer deep cleaning services on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We can create a cleaning routine for you. Our professionals can help you with different types of products such as disinfectant wipes, hand sanitisers, toilet papers and other hygiene products on request. 

We use only environmentally friendly and chemical-free cleaning products to get rid of bacteria and other harmful objects. Our professionals can offer you different types of infection control solutions to disinfect surfaces when you request a cleaning service for your home or office. Wearing personal protective equipment, we clean the location periodically. However, you can contact us for regular cleaning services too. 

Home Disinfection Services

One of the best ways to avoid the spread of harmful germs is prevention. We offer you high-quality disinfection service to treat diverse areas of your home such as walls, doors, ventilation, and furniture. We use advanced tools to disperse disinfection solutions in different parts of your building. In this way, an anti-microbial coat is applied on the surface to protect it. Completing the sanitisation and disinfection process as soon as possible, we welcome you into the home.

Office Disinfection Services

We help you eliminate viruses from your workplace. Professionals clean, disinfect and sanitise the workplace. We apply sanitiser on the tables, chairs, door handles, counters and other types of equipment to keep your workplace tidy which is important to safeguard your health. Our service will allow you to deal with virus transmission such as flu virus.

Our pest management team uses safe and hospital-grade disinfectant. We have disinfectants that can be spread on the food prep surfaces. Disinfectants eliminate viruses, fungi and germs from the workstation and make the workspace 99.99% contaminant free. Contact our professionals for a quality disinfection and sanitisation service at any time.



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